Introduce Yourself!

(Alexandre Bianchi) #41

Hello everyone ! My name is Alexandre from Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

If I remember well, I discovered Haxe in 2014 when I beginned to do some Game Development in AS3 as an hobby. I’m an Interactive Media Designer and now a Student in Computer Engineering. I mostly use Haxe for my side projects or whenever I can use it.

I’ve the impression to be the only swiss haxe programmer so if you feel the same, feel free to say hello :slight_smile:

(Cristian Baluta) #42

Hi, I’m from Romania and use Haxe for small and fun cmd tools nowadays, but started with it since v1 and mtask for flash, then some js, few native ios/android apps via nme, and even attempted to write an objc target.
Now I do native iOS and macOS apps.

(Guilherme Recchi Cardozo) #43

Greetings, Haxe devs!

I’m from Brazil, I’ve been using Haxe and AS3 for about 1.5 years. I work in a small company developing lots of small educational games and overall, my experience with Haxe and its communities has been great! I mostly use OpenFL on my projects, although I’ve been playing around with HaxeFlixel and Phaser, I’m also interested in learning Heaps.

(saumya) #44

Hi, I am Saumya from India.

I have been using Flash since 2004 till date, thanks to OpenFL/NME and Haxe. I develop cross-platform casual/educational games, web applications, desktop applications using Javascript and Haxe.

The community here is the first thing which makes me stick around.

(Michael O'Brien) #45

Hi Guys,

Looking forward to getting involved in this community. I played with Haxe about a year ago and was impressed. Now I’ve decided to port from AS3 to Haxe… famous last words. I write educational science simulations.

I live just north of Sydney AU and hopefully I can contribute as well as benefit from this community. I’m am in awe of some of the work that people have already done and are continuing to do.

@ianharrigan thank you for your work.

Cheers Michael


Hello Haxe Devolpers,
My names Joey But I go most of the time by PXshadow I previously used as3 for 8 years and came to haxe with low expectations and was blown away. Being able to have all of my resources and knowledge into a cross platform powerhouse, Nothing was more fantastic for me.

I currently use openFL to develop a problem solving/ invention platform called ThinQbator that I’ve been working on for now 11 months and I couldn’t be more happy with the results using haxe to make it cross platform. I hope and know that this community this framework and this ecosystem will continue to thrive as much as possible and I can’t wait to see it in the future! :slight_smile:

(Thomas Fétiveau) #47

Hi fellow Haxe developers!
I’m Thomas from Brittany. I use Haxe since 2012. I was using MTASC before that for a short period of time and then switched to Haxe for compilation to AS3. Today I use it mainly to compile to javascript but I plan to dig into its cpp capabilities in a near future.
I’m a freelancer that do mainly Mobile apps and IoT. Lately, I’ve been using Haxe with React and Webpack quite a lot thanks to the excellent haxe-react and haxe-loader libraries.
I’m about to become the CTO of an application Editor company in France in February. I’ll have the occasion to set up Haxe there among other things for the renewing of their entire tools/apps suite. In this matter, if you are a freelancer mastering Haxe and React (js and/or native), I might have remote opportunities for you (contact with me by email at tfetiveau at tokom dot fr).
Appart from that, I’d just like to give a big thank to the entire Haxe team and contributors for the quality of their work and hope to have the occasion to see you again at a Haxe summit.

(Balázs Zubák) #48

Hi there,

So I’m joining the anonym alcoholic, Haxe community forum :slight_smile: as part of also the ex-flash-o-holic group :smiley:

Some of you know me already, I work at Docler, helped in organization of 2017 haxe summit.
Right now I’m in R&D department for a 1-2 months and playing a lot around Haxe heavily using Tinkerbell (haxe_tink) libraries and MVCoconut

Feel free to contact me about anything :slight_smile:

(Joaquín Bello) #49

Hi, I’m Joaquin and I worked with openfl and now Im using kha

(Ciro Durán) #50

Great to see people for so many places! :slight_smile:

I’m Ciro, and I work in videogames. In a past life I was living off Flash programming, and I also made some games with it. When Flash started going away I adopted OpenFL and now I like Haxe for my personal projects. I’ve done games with HaxeFlixel and Luxe. You can see some of my games at my itch profile

I hang around between London and Brighton (UK).



(Matan Uberstein) #51


I’m Matan, CTO at Kids Industries. HQ is in London and dev team (~8) is here in sunny, beautiful Cape Town. I’ve been hx-curious for a while, but we officially switched to Haxe in 2013. :slight_smile:

With Haxe, we mainly build websites and ‘small’ games for the family market place using OpenFL. Our entire internal CLI tool chain is also built with Haxe, even our Unity3D pipeline! Needless to say, Haxe is a big part of company and our culture.

:heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse:

(Jon Grant) #52

My name is Jon Grant. I live in Seattle and have been using Haxe for a few years at a game agency and now use it for my own personal projects.

(Matthijs Kamstra) #53


My name is Matthijs and I am from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
I used to be a ActionScript developer and that is how I know about MTASC and Haxe.

Now I do android, js and node.js development. I am the only one at my company that does Haxe, so I mostly use it on small projects or experiments professionally.

But everything I write in my spare time is done in Haxe (mostly js and node.js).
This is also why I documented my “struggles” getting into js and node.js with Haxe

I am a designer/developer and trying to do more artist work.

If you decide to follow me, you will have to deal with a steam of papertoys, typography, makered, design and code.

(Matthijs Kamstra) #54

I am a designer/developer and trying to do more artist work.

because I can only post two links, here my personal website with code/paper experiments:
(I wrote a static site generator to make the website :stuck_out_tongue: )

(Alexander Djafarov) #55

Hello, haxers!
My name is Alexander Djafarov. I’m from Russia, Moscow.
I used to work with flash and actionscript and have some practice with haxe/openfl.
At present I’m working as a front/backend developer using haxe and typescript for node.js and browser targets.
Haxe libs I’m interested in and actively using in my jobs are haxe-react, haxe-react-redux.
I wish haxe become more popular. It’s realy wonderfull language and people must know about it.

(Ben Morris) #56

Hi everyone! I’m Ben, Seattle native currently living in San Jose, CA. I work at a big mobile game studio that you might have heard of. I’ve been using Haxe in my spare time since 2012; mainly I work on HaxePunk and various other libs, and once upon a time wrote NES and Game Boy emulators in Haxe. I also enjoy using Haxe for Ludum Dare; this is probably the best I’ve done.

I love Haxe for its unparalleled metaprogramming ability and prefer spending days writing macros over minutes of copying and pasting :wink: I hope Haxe continues to grow. Thanks to everyone who has been part of it!

(Allan Dowdeswell) #57

Emulators??? Why wasn’t I notified??? :smiley:

(Zicklag) #58

Hi everybody! I discovered Haxe about a week ago and so far I really like it. I love the language features and the freakish ability to compile to a bunch of other popular languages. :wink:

I just posted a forum topic on Haxe on the Free Code Camp forums because I wanted to get the word out! I hope to make games with it and the Armory 3D game engine. I hope to learn about the language more and see what I can use it for!


Howdy everybody! I’m Nicolas and got hooked by one of Haxe’s old taglines : “…an open source programming language for the web”!

Since then I’ve been using it in my free time for fun, which led to random stuff such as the Harfang Web framework, Unit2 and RobotAxesKitten (a robotfindskitten implementation).

I’m also a Gentoo user, so you can get some ebuilds right here!

(Benjamin Dasnois) #60


I’m not actually new but haven’t been talking a lot recently on here. I’m Benjamin Dasnois, the author of Haxe 2 : Beginner’s Guide (available from Packt Publishing). I also am that person you’ll hear complaining about the lack of communication for Haxe because I understand business oriented technical decisions.

So erm yeah… I’ve been around since… 2005? Was it the year for the first alpha release? :wink: