Introduce Yourself!

(simon asselbergs) #21

Hi I am Simon,
I am starting my second company in my life. This time not alone. When mtasc was still new and haxe didnt exist, I was into actionscripting. In the days of the old browser wars, omg I sound like an old fart, flash was a sanctuary: program once execute on every browser. But I found actionscripting often still limited and was also into open source. This is what led me to mtasc, which was also way way more performant than macromedia’s compiler. And that led me to Haxe. Haxe was my salvation. Flash didn’t develop into the right direction imho, and later it got killed (out of its misery) by steve jobs. My old code in haxe still works. I didnt have to make a sudden switch. So haxe proved already its value to me. Now there is much more standard implementation between browsers, there is html5 and a lot more open source. Haxe isn’t a one man show anymore. So I am confident to keep using Haxe. There were times I didnt like the direction Haxe took, but it proved me wrong. My humble kudo’s to Nicholas in that matter.

I am having crazy fun in using Haxe for the js target in combination with JQuery and Node, in the past I have been using it for almost all other targets as well. I hope some day it wil be possible to have a tool that automatically ports C#, Java, PHP and JS E6 code to Haxe code, or at least generate externs for it. That would really make it more easy to move over to Haxe.

Anyways, I look forward interacting with fellow haxe coders.

(Louis Pearson) #22

Hello, I’m Louis. Currently I’m a college student majoring in Computer Engineering, but I’ve always been interested in programming and have used haxe off and on for a couple of years. I’d like to start using Haxe for more of the projects I have, after being made to use C++ for the courses at my school.

(Dan Korostelev) #23

Hi, I’m Dan and I can do crazy stuff with Haxe :slight_smile:

(Valentin Lemière) #24

Hey I’m Valentin,

I use Haxe to try and make games, without much success :smiley: and do a little web every once in a while.

I can do macro a little, but it quickly melt my brain :laughing:

(David "Blackmagic" Elahee) #25

Hey I am David “Blackmagic” Elahee, I love Haxe and have been a video game developer for years.

I have tested advanced Haxe features quite a lot back in the days when I was at Motion Twin :smiley:

(Tiago Ling Alexandre) #26

Hi, i’m Tiago Ling Alexandre and have been using Haxe for work and fun since 2011, mainly for game development but i also coded some e-learnings apps with it (using OpenFL). I’m also a long time HaxeFlixel user and recently (~1 year) started using Kha for some personal projects.

Currently i’m working as a freelancer doing game programming and porting as3 code to haxe.

I’m from Curitiba, Brazil and am usually on Twitter as @TiagoLing, nice to meet you! :slight_smile:


Hello! My name is Ricardo. I really like the Haxe language, it is a nice substitute for the great AS3 language which a liked too. I’m interested in game and web development. I hope to learn great many things here and help the Haxe language to grow and improve!
Thanks you all!

(Hudson Ansley) #28

Hello, I’m Hudson, a programmer living in New Jersey and working in New York City, and I’ve been following Haxe development since before it was named Haxe or even a language, when Nicolas wrote the improved AS3 compiler and I try to evangelize for it when I can. Unfortunately I have yet to convince folks in charge of development where I work to adopt Haxe, but I think it is an excellent language and development system and I’ve learned a lot following its development.

(Guilherme Medeiros) #29

Hey there!
Im Guilherme Medeiros, a fullstack web developer from #brazil.

I got into programming because I wanted to make games. Until today I’ve made 0 :scream: :sob:
You know… real life…

I discovered Haxe I few years ago and I always kept my eyes into it and its community.
I think the language is fun and powerful.
Never did something big with it, just small scripts to help me with my daily stuffs.


(Jeff Ward) #30

Hi I’m Jeff. I’m from the Denver, CO :us: area. Find me around the web via

Some things that I’ve worked on:

hxScout, vscode-hxcpp-debug, Woot Math, Kerpoof, Disney Create Portal

Things that I get excited about:

#haxe #linux #ubuntu #edtech #webdev #gamedev #simplicity #crossplatform #microcontrollers #midi #piano #family #jesus

(Joshua Granick) #31

Hey everyone,

I’m Joshua, I starting using ActionScript in 1999, and subsequently used MTASC before Nicolas invented Haxe. When my studio began targeting mobile in 2009, we switched full-time to Haxe, and haven’t looked back.

I’m the author of multiple libraries, including OpenFL, Lime and Actuate, and have helped contribute to many other initiatives to grow the Haxe ecosystem.

My beautiful wife and I have six awesome children. We read books and make music for fun

(John Doughty) #32

Hello Everyone,

I’m John, and I’ve been using Haxe for the last three years for hobby projects. I’m a full time producer by day, and I work on projects like my RTSBase. My dream is to make a full fledged RTS, and for the Base system to be something people build game ideas from instead of using a map editor from an existing RTS.

I love the Haxe ecosystem and have recently begun working with kha. I’ve got interests in trying HEAPS and loved using Haxeflixel. I love the creativity in and around Haxe, and I want to see it flourish.

I believe that Haxe has enormous potential, and I’m excited to see where its going to go over the next few years. One of my aims right now is to get it in front of as many people as possible, and I hope to help Haxe grow.

I’m also an avid lover of music, having some skills to produce it, and I enjoy playing with pixel art here and there. I’m also a Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner, and am a major advocate of Agile development.

(Asim) #33

Hi i am Asim i make Kiosks applications and closed systems in AS3 AIR for marketing agencies and now i am in love with Haxe + OpenFL thanks to Joshua & Haxe community.

(Rob Fell) #34

Hello, I’m Rob - I make games that connect customers with brands through play. Haxe has been my preferred stack since 2009 (originally swf + php, today js + node, tomorrow ? + ?). I maintain a few original Haxe game libraries and promote Haxe adoption whenever I can. My studio is based on Vancouver Island, Canada - if you’re local be sure to say hello!

(Tom Rhodes) #35

Ooooh, we’ve moved! Great to see a lot of activity on here.

I’m Tom, hello all, long time haxer here based just outside of Rome. I doubt there’s anyone local but still if you are give me a shout! I’ve used Haxe mostly for web based stuff, first flash + php, but since lots of JS, neko, some node too. I’ve also done a couple of android things, and am keen now to explore the C++ side of things.

(Aymeric Lamboley) #36

Hey there, I’m Aymeric from Dijon! I discovered Haxe when I was playing with AS3, NME sounded incredible at that time :wink:
Today I run a programming studio Da Viking Code we’re mostly doing some Unity/Unreal, WebGL (via Haxe!!) and AIR. I keep a very close eye on the Haxe community because there are so many awesomeness here: OpenFL, Kha, Haxe UI, Heaps, Nape… just to name a few :slight_smile:

(Juraj Kirchheim) #37

Hi there,

I’m Juraj. I hate writing about myself, but since you all do, I feel compelled to do the same.

I began playing with Haxe almost 10 years ago and have started using it commercially a little over 8 years ago, targeting the FlashPlayer at first. Over the years I’ve moved through haxe/php to haxe/js, first with nodejs and then later on the client side.

I maintain quite a few libraries (most of which are part of the tinkerbell project) and I try to help other community members with their tricky questions.

(tokiop) #38

Hi ! I’m Victor from Lyon, doing images and web stuff, for fun and food. :slight_smile:

After using MTASC, haXe became a safe home for coding, learning new concepts, discovering languages and platforms through the community and ecosystem. “Reinvent the wheel once, roll it everywhere” is a real time-saver…

Haxe has many inspiring people, projects, and discussions, so this new space sounds great !

(Yves Scherdin) #39

Hello, I’m Yves from Berlin, Germany.
Gamedevelopment is my job and my hobby.

I’m coding in Flash AS3 since nearly 10 years now. Recently I have been switching to Haxe. Somehow I could not leave flash earlier - and I’m not sure yet, if I’ll leave it completely. Nevertheless, I see in Haxe a more than worthy alternative.
Oh, and I also have some experience with C#, Java and js. And I also make some Vector-Art from time to time.


Hi! My name is Markus and I also work an live in Berlin!

I coded ActionScript since 1999 and switched to Haxe a couple of years ago. I also run a small company here in Berlin creating customer projects based on our own authoring tool (all Haxe) and was happy to sponsor WWX2015 a little - which forced me to give a little talk about our way to Haxe:

So I’d love to get in contact with Haxe developers like YvesScherdin. :slight_smile: Feel free to contact me and visit us in our office: