Introduce Yourself!

Here’s a thread for introductions. If you’re new to the community give a short hello and bio!

Certain forum functionality is unlocked once you make a few comments, so an intro message is a good thing to do first!



I’m Jonas and I use Haxe mostly for backend applications and data processing. I’ve know it since 2008-2009, and have been using it more extensively for the past 5 or 6 years.

Also, I’m from Brazil…

It’s great to be here, and I hope this becomes a great home for our community!


Hey guys!
I’m Nico, I’ve been playing with haxe since I was 13 I think, some of you might remember some of my older projects like (dead link) and Heavier than Air (game, also dead now). I’m from a tiny island in Canada, although this year I moved to Vancouver. I’ve just started university, and the workload is proving insane, so its very sad for me but I have near zero time for haxe projects. I’ll cutting back my courses a bit next semester and I’m really looking forward to starting up some new hobby projects. Also in a fairly large software engineering club, which I currently have no time for, but I may try to make some haxe converts when I have more time :wink:

Anyway I hope the haxe community grows and grows, it’s such a wonderful language and I hope more people get to experience that.

Best wishes, Nico


I’m Justin, and I wrote the Lua target. I work at as an Engineer and Data Scientist. I live in Seattle, but I’m down in the bay area pretty frequently.


herro, im lewis.
people know me as lewis, or by my other names, lewis, lewis & felix, which is sometimes translated as ‘lewis’

primarily an abuser of sound & music, having done it as a profession for more than 20 years. i took up coding because i just felt like it, plus always wanted to. having molested max/mspljitter for years i needed a change to molestation techniques, so went to openframeworks, processing etc.
noticed haxe way back when it very first came out, but was too busy working in music at the time & building hardware units.

then got into haxe using OPENFL, but the syntax was just a bit weird as im not a flash person. though i do like to look at it every so often. but then KHA came all over my face & that made more sense to me, so have been lapping that up for over 2 years now. i also run a small YOUTUBE channel. i do teaching kha on it, previously openframeworks. with more varied content in the future.
alongside with that i have a PATREON for the tutorials, but also for a ton of other things, such as games, & other type of releases that people enjoy.
also trying to make the tutorials more into a creative coding environment, rather than just games

i do sound design, having done the sound design… still for the past 3 years, for the game DRAGON OF LEGENDS
creating loads of MUSIC which is on lewislepton[dot]bandcamp[dot]com
i also enjoy game jams & have some plans ahead for more haxe based content later down the line.

im also available for projects, primarily music until my coding gets better :wink:

would love to learn pure haxe further.
i also like to chat complete & utter nonsense :wink:

lewis lepton



I use haxe and kha.

. Am annoying.

. Dont have great social skills.

. Don’t even like what im doing

. I do games, or non actually depending from which pov you standing.

. Swiss knife, can do many things no one asked for.

. I like things


  1. Kode Studio

  2. Krita

  3. Inkscape

  4. Blender

  5. OpenMPT


Hi folks, I’m Allan, coming to you live from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I call myself a graphic designer and interactive developer. I came to Haxe in 2009 after beefing up my Actionscript 3 skills and then wondering what to do next. I use it mostly for in-browser interactive programming. I like OpenFL but often work with externs and other tools.


Hello there… I am Eric. I am the maintainer and primary developer of the Haxe plugin for IntelliJ-IDEA. You can find out more about that at and GitHub - HaxeFoundation/intellij-haxe: Haxe plugin for IntelliJ Platform based IDEs (IDEA, Android-Studio).

I have been a professional engineer for well over three decades, picking it up in my high school days. I’ve worked through the PC revolution, the GUI revolution, the OO revolution, the Agile revolution. I’ve written shipping code in most of the major programming languages, and I’ve done everything from hardware bringup to UI to mobile web. You will find me haunting various discussion forums using the names “Greybeard,” “gr8coder,” “ebishton,” or, occasionally, my real name, “Eric Bishton.”

Nice to meet you!


Hi, I’m Robert and I like Kha.


Hello to all. I am Francisco.
I do real time graphics for broadcast and at live events.
Very much into Haxe, Openfl, Armory 3D, Webasm and the Unreal engine integration.
Also very interested in VR, Virtual Set tech, motion capture and Music.
Nice to meet you all.


Hi all!

I’m Aurel, and I mostly do lots of little gamejam games in Haxe. I also write (semi-technical) devlogs about them on my blog. I have some open-source projects which I hope can be interesting to Haxe folks:

  • plustd — a cross-platform library for 2D game development
  • plumob — (quite recently) a build manager for Haxe, enabling easy builds and deploying on iOS (Android coming soon™)

I’m generally on the IRC and happy to discuss Haxe things :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m from China,and I do not have a Latin name. my english is no good. I recently made a new lib called no-vdom. It provides an easy way to building HTML macro component. :jack_o_lantern:


Hey, i’m from Russia.
Have been using haxe mostly for web development for almost 4 years now.
Trying to give back to the community by making something great and open-sourced
Mixin lib for haxe extends a syntax a bit to provide compile-time mixins support.
Composition > inheritance, amiright? :slight_smile:


Hi there,
I’m David from Bordeaux.
I’m CTO at Synolia and we use Haxe instead of plain javascript when it’s relevant.
I worked with Clement on publishing haxe to NPM GitHub - HaxeFoundation/npm-haxe: Install Haxe using Node Package Manager aka npm
Our open source contribution is a little haxe lib called Tamina
GitHub - damoebius/taminahx: tamina library for haxe


Hey everyone. I’m Daniel, or @5mixer.

I’ve been using Haxe for a couple of years, first with Haxeflixel for gamedev, later with Kha, with non-game experiments using Haxe along the way. I worked on (and may update if I have time) a game called Exilium, made with Kha. I extended some existing libraries into mphx, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve worked on that. Besides Haxe, I’m a high school student and user of Node JS.

Hope to talk to you all more in the future :slight_smile:


Name’s Vadym.
Discovered Haxe in 2011 (thanks to Luca’s Nape engine I used to make Jewelanche 1&2). Wasn’t sure if it worth to learn since I knew AS3 already… But Flash was totally ruined by Adobe. JS ecosystem turned out to be terrible and toxic. Deeper dive into Haxe was a revelation…

Since then I’m an addict too. Hello everyone!


Howdy All! My name is Ian Harrigan… … or Ian Harrigan.

I mainly work as a freelancer / consultant, generally for medical tech companies and PCTs (primary care trusts) focusing on interoperable messaging systems and “big data”. None of which yet are using haxe (something im aiming to fix!). As for haxe I found it, seemingly yonks ago looking for VM’less cross platform “stuff”. I also created HaxeUI… :slight_smile:

Good to have a discourse rather than that google groups… makes all the difference, especially when it inevitably fills up. Also, im from the UK, grew up in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi / Dubai type stuff) and live in Malta.



I am Damilare Akinlaja. A software engineer from Nigeria, where I work with several tech startups to develop web, mobile and video game applications.

I authored the book Löve for Lua Game Development, and when my interest in gaming grew stronger I discovered Haxe. Haxe is my favorite tool which I use to develop my side projects and do experiments…

I am glad to be part of this community and open to learning more from everyone!!


Hi! I am Jérémy Faivre,

I live in Paris and work in a small game studio I co-founded called La Gamerie, in which we use Haxe as our primary programming language to make games (we released our first mobile game Nope Quiz last year, which will eventually be translated in english pretty soon). I know about Haxe existence for a very long time, but have been using it more extensively during the last few years.

Before making games, I have been doing a lot of Web and Mobile development with various languages and development kits, but mostly Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android with their standard tools. That helps when dealing with/creating native extensions on iOS/Android for the games with make. In general, we try to use Haxe for what it is great at: high level strictly typed and cross-platform reusable code but are not enforcing “using Haxe everywhere”. We use Typescript for an internal react + electron editor app, Objective-C/Java for native mobile extensions etc…

When I can, I try to contribute to the Haxe community with tools and libraries. Most recent contribution has been an automatic port of Spine runtime to Haxe (GitHub - jeremyfa/spine-hx: Spine runtime for Haxe automatically converted from the official Java/libgdx runtime).

Besides programming, I compose music, draw, and make kind of digital installations. A few things can be found there: I also help in a community supported agriculture organization of my neighborhood, and guess what? That’s how I heard about tools like Cagette made in Haxe!

Happy to see the community stuff evolve into more modern tools :slight_smile: