Introduce Yourself!

(Mari8n) #61

Hi all ! Any Haxe developers based in Sydney :slight_smile: PM me


Hi community !

New Haxe user since few weeks, based in France, mainly interested by the Heaps game framework.

See ya

(Phil Chertok) #63

Well it’s about time I post here. I’m Phil Chertok - new Marketing Director for the Haxe Foundation. I’ve been working in web and game development with a focus on digital marketing for over 11 years.

I have experience in many languages and tools including Unity, Unreal, AS3. I’ve been working with Haxe for 4 years as a front-end web development tool.

In my free time I’m a big fan of Martial Arts so you’ll often catch me watching a MMA event.

I’m going to be a lot more active on here but feel free to reach out to me through any of the following channels:

Twitter - @fishbulb_ca
email - phil (at )

(Arnim) #64

Hello community,

sorry, I have just discovered this introduction panel. So I intruduce myself with a little delay…

I am Arnim Schachtschabel and with great humbleness I realize how much I still can learn about programming HAXE.

So I am very thankful for this community and its very kind, competent and respectful members.

I believe that the world, we live in, is much more complexe than we often imagine. Mere simplification is not always the best solution of handling that. So I work on concepts of translating one complexe representation into another.

The goal is to achieve an optimal communication between

  • human <–> human
  • computer <–> human
  • computer <–> computer

And this is not only a technical aspect but also a conceptional and sometimes even a philosphical one.

So I am looking foreward to great discussions with you.

Kind regards

(Florian Rey) #65

Hello everyone,

I discovered haxe a few months ago, and I decided to study it for, I hope, programming music software with Haxe.
If there are Haxe developers not too far from Toulouse (France), I would be happy to meet them. The documentation is really great for a first immersion. Thank you to the community for this work and I hope to see you soon on the forum.