What is the best output format for generating a Windows .EXE?

Haxe can emit code in various languages. I am writing in AS3, so is my only choice SWF? I want to create a standalone EXE for my program, but during debugging of course i want to be able to see the console. What are your recommendations for what works reliably in Haxe. I am coming from FlashBuilder.

I assume you mean you are writing haxe code using the flash api, or that you want to use the flash api in haxe?

If that’s so then generally yes, using a target’s api will lock you to that target.

But for flash there is the openfl library that implements it for other targets, including native windows.
Download instructions: http://www.openfl.org/download/
Tutorial: http://www.openfl.org/learn/haxelib/tutorials/displaying-a-bitmap/

Can Haxe running on a mac produce a windows EXE file? How about a Linux executable? How cross-platform is the Haxe system? Can you produce a mac app from windows? Or are you limited to producing an executable from the platform you are on?


If you just want to do “one shot” taking your as3 into hx, you could take a look at Screenweaver. ScreenweaverHX also exists for hx sources : ScreenWeaver HX - Haxe with systools also.

But yes, for more future projects openFL is the way to go IMHO too.

Please don’t use that, or look at that.


As I wrote, it’s just a proposal for a “one shot” job.
Knowing that something like that exist won’t destroy his life :slight_smile:

Sure, I’m just counter-proposing that a piece of software that hasn’t been updated (or used) in 11 years is probably not going to make his life any better. :slight_smile:

Not sure on the status of AIR, if you have it setup you can certainly use it and target Flash, strictly speaking the client will need AIR installed but normally you can package that all up to be like exe, the main advantage is you can mix the haxe code with any as3 code fairly easily if you have flash develop/ haxe develop you can even look inside packaged swfs.

Having said that I have not used AIR for 3 years I am not really sure what happening with it. There is an actioncript3 discord which will advise better on AIR, it’s reasonably active for a partially dead target some seem to becoming to Haxe some Flutter. I have never tried Screenweaver but filt3rek will probably know most, I have used Zinc, but AIR was much better, think it killed zinc.

NME or OpenFL will work with swf graphic assets and svg assets, but not as3 code.

Warning the vector graphics in flash is better than NME or OpenFL but unless your using complex gradients you likely won’t notice.

OpenFL haxe now supports some Feathers/Starling and away3d, there is some robotlegs type ports around if you do want to go haxe, I am not sure if you can really use as3 in OpenFL maybe you can now but it maybe a pain, better with Haxe.