What do you dislike and want to improve in Haxe?

(Dmitry Hryppa) #1

Hi there.
I found an interesting discussion in the React-Native community: What do you dislike about React Native?
And I thought why not to do the same for the Haxe? To help HF to improve their development vector.

So, let’s try it!

Reply with all you want to improve (and maybe give advice how) in Haxe.


  • Try to keep one thing per post.
  • No discussions. Only pieces of advice and suggestions, please.
  • Add a poll with YES and NO options to your post so we will know how many Haxers agree or disagree with you. Just copy paste it in your post:
[poll type=regular results=always public=true]
* NO


This topic is not for hate. This is a help for the HF team to grow.
I have no relation to the HF team and this does not mean that HF will do anything based on this topic.

(Dmitry Hryppa) #2

Push out TypeScript and Dart from the market :slight_smile: Async\await.

Today, Haxe can compile code much faster then TypeScript.
Haxe can generate better JS then TypeScript.
Haxe has many features to optimize and improve your code.

But! Haxe have no async\await out of the box. And there is nothing to do in the modern web without async\await.

So here is a goal to deal with it:

  • Add async\await (coroutines?) to the Haxe core to make a competition to other languages in the web niche.
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(Dmitry Hryppa) #3

Public donations for HF team.

How about this platform?
Benefits: more people and companies will hear about Haxe

(Dan Korostelev) #4


Come on, it’s 2019 :slight_smile:

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(Dan Korostelev) #5


Generic coroutines, suitable for more than just awaiting promises.

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(Dmitry Hryppa) #6

Help newbies to start contributing to Haxe repositories.

It will help a lot if every repository will contain file with a small bunch of instructions:

  • How to setup dependencies (Win, Mac OS, Linux)
  • How to compile it and run (Win, Mac OS, Linux)
  • Basic description of the folders structure
  • Tips and tricks (if needed).
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(Mark) #7

This already exists

(Kevin Leung) #8

More people actually contribute.

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(Marcelo Serpa) #9

Nice initiative! Although this what the Haxe Evolution repo is for? :slight_smile: Don’t get me wrong, having it in the forums allows for better visibility, but it could end up becoming an index for the Haxe Evolution proposals, since everything should got through there anyway, right?

(Dmitry Hryppa) #10

Although this what the Haxe Evolution repo is for?

Not exactly. Haxe evolution is for new language features, but this topic is more general itself. You can post here something about Haxe itself, about community, about HF and so on (not just about what you dislike, but also with advice on how to improve it).
Also, by the count of voters, you can see that there is much more of community vote then on Github repo. And that’s may help HF to understand what community actually wants, what is in priority and what is not.

Also, I hope this topic will motivate not only HF, but the community too. To do some good stuff for all of us together.

(Klug76) #11

Get rid of hxml files.
Let’s start with the fact that this is not xml but plain text.
It may be worthwhile to improve openfl/hxp and include it in standard.

I am here recently and can not create a poll, sorry.

(Valentin Lemière) #12

Couldn’t add one to your post directly for some reason, so here:

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Also I think it’s supposed to be read as hx-ml not h-xml, no idea what the ml stand for in this context though.

(Flashultra) #13

Add place for Native Extensions ( for mobile development and desktop ? ) at example where developers can ease share extensions for payments, social login, games services, ads, analytics, notifications

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(Flashultra) #14

Add “Haxe Bounties” page with bounties for the people who want to contribute to a bounty which can benefit the whole Haxe ecosystem

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(Michael Solomon) #15

What’s problem with

(Flashultra) #16

Haxe doesn’t look as app oriented development tool at the moment ( i.e against Xamarin at example) and if you click in haxelib on tag Android you will found many libs ( fixel, nme , away3d , extensions ) , same goes for tag ios . There is not clean list with extensions and platforms ( if you want to check what is there ) and additional page devoted on that will be at help ( or page for Mobile apps and games development/tools ) . Mobile usage in some countries is more than 65% and I think more mobile centric view for Haxe will be a benifit.

(Michael Solomon) #17

I agree that Haxe does require more training than JS

(Flashultra) #18

Shared list with snippets saved on on public page, so google can make index of them. The goal is to help for beginners who looks for code example and I think a many good ones are saved on ( here is search example in google )

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(Mark) #19

Everything is open source! I want to contribute to some of these things myself:

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(Kyliathy) #20

Nested classes.

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