What do you dislike and want to improve in Haxe?

(Randy Maxwell) #21

Have a way at Haxe compiler level to Turn ON Debug for ALL generated languages
Have a way at Haxe compiler level to Turn OFF Debug for ALL languages.
If can’t do ALL then do ALL that allow Debug or Release building!

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(Jens Fischer) #22

@RMax I’m not sure what you mean by that…

(Randy Maxwell) #23

Say you want to Enable or Disable Debug Build for all compiled languages.
From Haxe Compiler Flags page

debug >>> Activated when compiling with -debug
no-debug >>> Remove all debug macros from cpp output

I guess C# got missed.

(Kyliathy) #24

More support for multithreading. For example adding keywords (such as synchronized) to control and facilitate transpilation of multithreading code in supported target languages such as C#, C++ and Java.

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(Dmitry) #25

Btw, if you want multithreading for concurrency, there is a lib for it –