Vshaxe 2.6.0 released (with macro debugging!)

We’ve just released version 2.6.0 of the Haxe extension for Visual Studio Code. Most notably, the extension now has debugging support for Haxe 4’s macro interpreter “Eval” built-in! For more details, check out the debugging section on the wiki.

We now also support markdown syntax highlighting in doc comments:

And finally, postfix for completion for haxe.ds.List and Map:



many thanks guys. This is awesome !

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Awesome work :slight_smile: you&co have been doing. it’s becoming quite tempting to jump to VS Code especially due to the Haxe 4 support.

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@Gama11 I read the debugging page and was at first like: “this just cannot work out of the box”. I have been playing around with debugging macros now for some time and it is just so very convenient.

I have been using macros for years now and debugging them has always been such an enormous pain in the be-hind.

What an amazing upgade :star_struck:

Just a few points of feedback (please let me know where I should leave these)

  1. Using this.variable allows you to inspect the “variable” by hovering it. On the other hand only using variable (without this. in front of it) does not…
  2. When hovering a variable, the popup is a bit too small when there is a horizontal scrollbar. As a result the horizontal scrollbar covers the last field of the variable you are hovering and does not really allow you to expand that field for further inspection.
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Thanks for the feedback!

  1. Hm, that actually works ok for me, here with a simple --interp program:

    Similarly, it also works for static variables without prefixing the class name:

    You’re using 4.0.0-rc.1?

  2. We don’t really control any of the UI, that’s all done by VSCode (which simplifies the implementation a lot). Is this what you mean?

@Gama11 1 - maybe inside a lambda ?

Erm… perhaps, but that actually just crashes the debugger for me. :sweat_smile: