Vscode error on fresh install..... "Unable to Build Cache"

Hi there…

I just bought a book called “Discover HaxeFlixel” and was very keen to get started, but there is a error that has stopped me before I got past page 8!

Basically when you install the lime plugin for vscode, which in turn installed the Haxe plugin… there is an error I do not know who to fix. I did some google to fund a solution but found nothing, at least nothing I understood, and 1/2 the posts said this issue was fixed already.

If I hit retry nothing seems to happen, and if I close and open vscode it pops up again. It also prints an error out to the console…

Haxe language server started
Haxe Path: haxe.exe
Using --server-connect
Haxe connected!
Listening on port 6000

Failed - try fixing the error(s) and restarting the language server:

Error: Could not process argument Warning: Lime version 7.9.0 may not be compatible with OpenFL 9.0.2 (expected version 7.7.*)

Package name must start with a lowercase letter

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but not luck.

Can anyone help me with getting my vscode IDE working? Should I be using different plugins?

There’s a compatibility issue at the moment with latest openfl and lime. These are the versions that work together right now.

haxe 4.1.15
openfl 9.0.2
lime 7.8.0
hxcpp 4.1.15

Install haxe 4.1.5 (if you have haxe 4.2)
and downgrade lime and hxcpp

haxelib set lime 7.8.0
haxelib set hxcpp 4.1.15

Hope it helps