Uhh, what happened to the "HaxeUI" web site?

haxeui.org now appears to consist of nothing more than a forum section – the rest of the web site appears to be inaccessible to me. The home-page URL goes to a forum and other features such as the interactive layout tool are 404-not-found.

Hi !

Ian twitted that he is aware of it, redirecting to the forum is probably a temporary fix. He is currently on vacation so there will probably be no fix in the following weeks.

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Ahh, very good.

Since I am a participant neither on Twitter nor on Facebook (gasp!), I would not have known nor have guessed. (I can see from github that the project is obviously still very active.)

Hi, yeah, im off for a little while at the moment - the site had a partition failure and i lost… … a lot. Once im back and working ill peice it all together again. The redirect is just a temporary measure for now (rather than a place holder). You’re right though… probably should have mentioned it on the forums and not just on twitter… :slight_smile:


"Cloud hosting is a wonderous thing …" :smiley:

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