[Tutorials] Web Development with Haxe

Hello everyone!

I have begun a web development tutorial series going through the entire process of building a website using multiple approaches. I will, at first, use the AJAX approach with a hash-based router, then move into a server-based router approach using the PHP target, then finally I will be introducing my library and start using that to build the website and go from there.

You can begin the tutorial series here which is the Getting Started video with Haxe, otherwise you can go to the playlist and start right from the beginning which goes through the design of the website.

Let me know of any improvements or feedback you might have either here or on the videos themselves.


Hi Luke,

Good initiative ! I’ve done something like that in the past to help people working with server/client side using only the Haxe toolkit https://www.mromecki.fr/blog/post/haxite-writing-entire-website-using-haxe
Good luck, I’ll follow that !

Go get’em Luke!

Thank you for doing this, more videos about the Haxe ecosystem in the current day is great.

I now use Haxe as my much-preferred way to write JavaScript, simply because of its concept of “at compile time.” Gone are the days of searching for stupid errors using a browser debugger.

Well, sometimes you still have to debug with Chrome if you make a stupid Haxe code mistake, such as incorrect logic, but type checking and null references can certainly be minimised with a compiler. In addition, you could debug PHP a lot easier with macro-generated errors. Perhaps I will do some future videos on debugging server-side code using macros.