Thoughts about converting my old AS3 content to HTML5


I would like to convert my old AS3 / Flash / Air portfolio to modern platforms available on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.
Most of the content was done with Starling / Air or Stage3D / Flash
Now I have converted one more simple game to HTML5 using the Phaser framework ( ) which worked surporisingly well, however, before I spend all the time converting and being dependent on yet another framwork, I would want to ask the experienced community here about the amount of work it needs to convert old AS3 content to Haxe.
It seems this solution might be a bit more future proof because of its multi platform approach?

Thanks for all thoughts and opinions.

Did you look at using OpenFL? That should be the path with least resistance for old Flash applications. There’s also a Haxe version of Starling to use with it.