The Joy of Haxe

I’ve written a post about the adoption of Haxe on

I’ll be tweeting about it later but posting here first.
I’ve also open-sourced part of FontStruct’s font generation module:


This is a really nice article. Thanks a lot for this!

Agreed. Insightful, detailed, and well-written. Nicely done!

Very nice! What is your twitter handle? I’d like to retweet once you post publicly. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the positive feedback! FontStruct is on twitter at


Really resonates with me <3

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Really nice article. It should be added to the haxe blog.

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I am a bit late to the party (but I clapped on Medium!!!) but I still want to say: Thank you so much for writing this! Not just because it is about Haxe, but also because I love your writing style. I Was chuckling and smiling throughout.

This was actually a really good article to show to some people I know who have no idea what Haxe is. They got it ^-^

Thanks. That’s nice to hear :wink:

Yes, agreed, an excellent and well-written article.

The notion of multi-platform development seems totally alien to so many people, yet it has saved my consultancy probably tens of thousands of dollars(!) in development costs by credibly allowing us to develop on both the client and the server side at the same time. Furthermore, it lets us develop both “web-based client” software and “mobile-app client” software – for multiple platforms(!) – all of the foregoing coming from a single code-base in a language with strong compile-time error checking.

Nearly all of our projects originate from “rescuing” existing projects that have run into near-fatal trouble – umm, we’ve been doing that since 1992 – and lately many of those were dying because “one project had blossomed into three, no make it four, no make it …” when all of those efforts were simply trying to work together to do the one, same thing. In more than one occasion we scrapped several of these efforts in favor of Haxe. (See footnote.).

We brought the project home because of Haxe. (We owe a debt to its developers and to its community that we can never repay.) If we were to write a blog-post of our own experiences, it would read much like this one but undoubtedly be written much less well.

“Thanks for sharing.”

– – –
(Footnote) As it turns out, we were able to use OpenFL (in relevant cases) with apparently more success than this author did. (Yay!) Of course, “every project is unique and different,” and … the sheer beauty and power of Haxe is that 'you can choose." You can even un-make your decision – as the author did – without abandoning the entire benefits of the greater Haxe framework. “And this, frankly, is revolutionary.”

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