Suitable Workflow For Debugging C++ Within IntelliJ?


(Eric Bishton) #41

Hi Arnim,

I figured out my issue: Don’t name a class ApplicationMain and call it under OpenFL.

An example project is now submitted to It will be merged down to master when it’s been tested and verified by somebody else. :wink:

Give it a try and see if you can figure out what is different between your version and mine.


P.S. You have to have the hxcpp haxelib installed and built using the instructions in the hxcpp library root directory.

(Arnim) #42

Hello Eric,

thank you so much. It works now.

The mistake, I have done, was exactly what you hinted to in your P.S.

The problem is, that this is one of the mistakes that does not throw any accurate error (at least none that points to the actual cause). So, I am only half-emberrassed to have stumbled over that.

And thanks again for your patience.

Kind regards

(Eric Bishton) #43

Woohoo! Glad to hear it.

Good luck on your project, and I only wish that I would have suggested that earlier.


(Arnim) #44

OpenSource projects do not have the large testing teams like big companies have. According to the chain of dependencies and the nested logic it is quite natural that important details and informations like that are hiding somewhere or can easily be overseen.

So let’s keep that in mind and let’s think about tools of improving the communication between user and supplier. The tools need to become smarter than just having text pipes like in common chat rooms.

But this is not meant to be critizism against you or the HAXE community. You have done a great job. Thanks again.

I am just thinking aloud. And maybe some day…

Kind regards