GUI to haXe-Code - for Feature plans

First, sorry for my bad english.:blush:

I’m not a programer so it’s not easy for me to learn a language like haXe.:pensive:

Is it possible - for feature - that ther will be a gui like or to code in/for haXe?:face_with_monocle:

Stencyl already uses Haxe under the hood.

But Coding in scratch( is easier.
I know, it’s implemented in stencyl.

I don’t want to use stencyl, because of their prices (for example android).

So you don’t want to learn and you don’t want to pay… I guess you can’t have it all. :wink:

I want to learn, but it’s to complex without of knowing of any programming language.

PS: You can’t help, so please, no discussion, thx!

Hello EC-3, scratch seems nice. Googling, there seems to be the following:

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Sorry, but it’s old!

What do you plan to build ?

Maybe you can start prototyping with the free version of Stencyl, and move to paid license if you ever need it. Publishing to X or Y platform will only be needed if/when the game is done.

Haxe itself is a programming language, so if you don’t want to learn to code it might not be the right tool in itself.

Maybe after prototyping in a visual editor you will have more interest in learning some basic programming, it can be a time saver once the project gets more complex. With a good code editor (Gama11 maintains the great VSCode extension), you have a lot of hints of how things work : completion, easy access to function definitions, compiler warning if you make some errors… It might look complex at first, but it is not that far from coding with “scratch blocks IDE” in my opinion.

Armory3d is based on Haxe and Blender, and allows programming with logic nodes. It’s more 3d oriented, and still in development…


I know i can start with stencyl, but i wont, because of the price for android, desktop etc…

I want to be free in programming what i like… so “drag’n’drop” with should generate in background the haxe-code.

I would like to create games and web applications (java/php7) with haxe.

But this thread isn’t about what i plan to do!
The title says what i wish to have.:wink:

:woman_shrugging: … you just might have to learn programming … now’s as good a time as any to start.

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Not at all! Now that there is a recent Blocky :wink: GitHub - nickmain/haxe-blockly: Haxe wrapper for Blockly

Have fun EC-3 :tada:

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very cool ! Is it already able to generate some Haxe logic, or only an extern for now ?

Hello ! haxe-blockly discovery was a complete coincidence, I have nothing to do with it :slight_smile: Looks like it mostly wraps the google effort. Could be fun to add a Haxe target for sure …check their github under the generators folder.

Hi ! So it seems not very difficult to get going on a Haxe generator for Blockly.

An initial commit here (GitHub - mrpoppins/blockly: The web-based visual programming editor.) adds the basic files, based off the JavaScript generator.

First I tried adding things to the develop branch, but that seemed very unstable, so currently working from master.

To see it running, clone the repo and run nekotools server in the root. Then check http://localhost:2000/demos/code/index.html

After dragging some Blocks onto the stage, you can check the various language tabs for their generated code. So far mostly the Colour Block generates Haxe code, as opposed to JavaScript.

To fix that, do the following

  1. In the same folder as the cloned repo, add the closure-library: Closure Library  |  Blockly  |  Google Developers
  2. Check you have Python installed (mine: Python 2.7.15)
  3. Compare generators/javascript/* and generators/haxe/* files, and update the Haxe ones.
  4. In the project root, run python
  5. Refresh http://localhost:2000/demos/code/index.html and check the improved output :slight_smile:

I don’t have much time to continue, but it is pretty fun and a good learning exercise to change the JS output to Haxe. Please do try. Not sure if Blockly supports embedded interpreters for languages other than JS, but having hscript in there could be fun too… maybe leading to Blockly input to :wink:

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