Flex uses by standard RPC/AMF to communicate with the server side.
It’s fast, supported typed data, etc, etc …
Even having been created many years ago and it’s not the standard seems that it’s still the best protocol for communication however seems that it’s not completed support by Haxe.
It’s that true today or the only way to port a Flex application to Haxe is by using REST/JSON ?
If so, I would say that the very fist step would be to convert RPC/AMF to REST/JSON inside Flex before even start to port AS3 and MXML.

Haxe has remoting support which should be close to what you’re looking for.

I don’t know flex rpc/amf so I can’t tell you how that compare though.

Thank you.
Sound good.
I don’t need any very specific feature.
I will evaluate.

Also, you maybe want use tink_web which lets you the above advantages you named and macro based (which means minimum effect on runtime)

This allow me to consume standard REST with features that I have currently on AMF.
Very impressive :slight_smile:

I’m starting to see a lot of potential in Haxe.
I wonder how it is not so well known.


I think it’s fun to be on the cutting edge of things that are not too well-known … yet.

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