Resources in targets

Reading in the docs about resources I wonder what actually happens in the target with resource files?
My current goal is to (C#) compile and put the result in a library (.Net Standard). I have experienced that resources in .net needs to be adding to each platform, like Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android respectively.
Does resources in Haxe mean I don’t have to do any configuring (adding the resources) in the platform specific projects?
Can I set sqlite .db file as resource for instance, and have one database implementation handling across targets - and will it work for any Xamarin out of the box?

It worked perfectly to provide a csv file inside an assembly, add it to a Xamarin Forms Android project and print out the some values on the simulator.
The assembly roughly gets the size of the resource (I used a 1MB csv file).

Should I be worried about what happens on release builds and on running on real devices though…?