Official Shop


(david mouton) #1

Hi there,
We are working on an offical shop. You could have on look on it here :

Could you give us some feedback please ?

Thanks you guys :slight_smile:

(Allan Dowdeswell) #2

IMHO as a designer, the logo-only T-shirts would look better if the symbol was about a third of the size. It is a pretty strong symbol to display so large. The other designs: good job!

(david mouton) #3

Ok i’ll fix this.
As a designer you can contribute too :wink:

(Allan Dowdeswell) #4

I actually did submit a design and contributed comments over at the Haxe Foundation discussion list. I did a design which was not received well so I lost interest in doing more.

(Allan Dowdeswell) #5

(Mark) #6

When you say official shop, does that mean the earnings go to the Haxe Foundation?

(david mouton) #7

Yes, that’s it.
All earnings go to the HF

(Mark) #8

Thats great! :heart:

(azrafe7) #9

Can you please fix the typo in the topic title? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

( Vadym) #10


I would totally buy something like this

(david mouton) #11

The shirt or muscles :wink:
I’ll do this design tomorrow

( Vadym) #12

Muscles, obviously… wait! I found something even better!

(david mouton) #13

OK, i resized the Simple Logo design to have a smaller one.
Is it better now ?

(Louis Pearson) #14

Any chance of there being an American shop?

(david mouton) #15

Why ?
This shop isn’t un English ? It can’t deliver jour country ?

(Tecteun) #16

Regarding merchandise, I found the haxe snowglobe very soothing on my desk

Now for some factory to produce them :wink:

(Rafael Oliveira) #17

I saw in a presentation, maybe in a WWX, a t-shirt with only the borders of the logo, like this in a black t-shirt:

That would be cool.

(david mouton) #18

Like this ?

(Rafael Oliveira) #19

I was thinking the logo in the center of the t-shirt.


I believe you can create your own shirt by clicking the create button and then choosing design.