Official Shop


(Matthew Wallace) #21

Is there an English option for the shop? Also is there shipping to the US or is there a US shop so that the T-Shirts can be shipped faster? If not I’d be happy to work with you guys on setting up a US option.

(david mouton) #22

You can go to :
I was able to set USA as my delivery country.
Could you try it ?

(Philippe) #23

Maybe some company having launched Haxe games would agree on doing an illustration with a cameo appearance of the Haxe logo?

(Matthijs Kamstra) #24

I remember the previous discussion:

I am missing the version with “Logo & name” :

but I like the outline logo a lot!

There is also a pixel logo one:

Kinda sad that the shop doesn’t have mugs…

(david mouton) #25

In fact you can create your mug using shop design

(Matthijs Kamstra) #26

oh I “missed” the button “choose a product” completely!