Hxcs Figure out where type is referenced

I am trying to migrate an existent c# project to haxe cs

I am unable to compile due to Type not found : cs.system.numerics.Vector2

I’ve copied over System.Numerics.Vectors.dll to the application directory, and added --net-lib System.Numerics.Vectors.dll to build.hxml.

I am also unable to figure out where its referenced, not in haxe\std\cs, not in hxcs, and not in my user included assemblies (AFAIK).

How can i get more information, on where it is referenced, and why adding the DLL is not working.

Type cs.system.numerics.Vector2 is available starting from .NET version 4.8, latest Haxe version supported is 4.2.

Add extern class Vector2 to your project by creating cs\system\numerics folder (namespace) and include that path into your project.