Haxeup Luxembourg today

(Laurent Deketelaere) #1

Today from 7pm to 9pm (GMT+1) we will have our next Haxeup

Speakers announced:

  • Dan Korostelev - Next Level Type Safety
  • Josefiene Pertosa - Navigating the Haxe community, when it isn’t in the manual
  • Juraj Kircheim - What the Haxe!
  • Nicolas Cannasse - UIKit : strictly typed macro based UI components framework
  • Philippe Elsass - Demystifying Haxe to JS: Compilation, interop and bundling
  • Simon Krasjewski - Q&A

For who want to come on site:
And those that want follows online:

If you have questions for the Q&A session, you can already share it here or later in real time on Twitch.

Update: videos available:

Got any clue of a VERY light-weight haxe/Flash UI library?
(Jeff Ward) #2

FYI, the Twitch stream video links are below with timestamps to each speaker (though be aware, these links usually only last a couple weeks.)

Thanks Laurent for managing the stream!

(Laurent Deketelaere) #3

Thx to you!

Videos are saved on Youtube now: