Advice For Publishing Haxe App To GitHub?

Not ready to separate the forGL Interpreter as a Haxe Library from the whole application
(at prototype stage, BETA Level at best, and needs fair amount of clean up)
so first versions of the app are monolithic. So it seems using the Haxelib approach does not fit.

Publish to Haxelib using Travis and Github Releases - Other - Haxe programming language cookbook

I used GitHub for a C++ project (sources + docs) but Haxe adds extra considerations.

(mediocre as they are)
I would publish Haxe sources / source directories / docs / helper .bat files / etc.

Is it good practice to also publish the Haxe output target languages sources ?

I think for some just giving access to the
C++ or C# or Java or JavaScript or Python build sources may be nice.
Or the built Windows .exe files for C++ and C# and the .jar for Java

Of course if there are changes to Haxe code the generated output would need to stay in step.
Thanks for your input!

I’d say the practice, for OSS, is to publish binaries in the relevant package management central repository, e.g. haxelib for Haxe code (and relevant tools if that’s for Haxe dev), npm for JS, maven for Java…

Thanks @elsassph !
I agree that seems to be a good practice about target language specific archives to follow.

There are at least 3 different Use Cases for those interested in forGL:

Those wishing to learn computer programming without prior programming experience and no or very limited English skills.
Allow this group to experiment with forGL without requiring installing any extra programming tools.
Python, Java (.jar) and JavaScript fit this way.
Likely everyone has a browser and Python and Java are common to have for many platforms.
Also anyone using Windows can try the already built .exe files.

Those who have some small experience with using a C++ or C# compiler.
No programming experience needed but some experience with shell scripts / batch files likely.
I see Linux users and some users of Windows & Mac here.
They may build locally and run on whatever OS they target.

Those who have programming experience and wish to try Haxe or already have used Haxe.
Like the Haxe Community Forum members :smiley:

Action Items for me:
Be Dangerous with GitHub
forGL Docs
Haxe sources and supporting .bat files to build / run 5 target languages
5 output target language sources
Python .py and JavaScript .js files and the Java .jar
Windows .exe files.

My apology if I ramble about things obvious to you but I did not see any coverage about this topic and I hope that my thinking through about likely Use Cases will help others. Thanks!

I can’t really speak to the merits of publishing Haxe source-code to github, vs. haxelib, but if I were going to do it, I would publish only the Haxe source-code (and very thorough instructions in the .md file). I would not publish Haxe output, since I would consider that not to be “source” code.

Be sure to include all of the files needed to compile the Haxe code into a deliverable, and, I say again, be very explicit in your guidance as to what to do. (For example, if your product relies upon other Haxe libraries, as it undoubtedly does, talk liberally about those issues.)