Add minumum haxe version property to haxlib.json

What do you think about add property to the haxelib.json which says whats the minimum (maybe also maximum?) haxe version supported by this lib?
It happens to me a lot that I didn’t have the latest haxe release and the package failed with strange error due to not compatible haxe version.

A search led me to the discussion here:

I agree, and I would like to add that it would also be nice to have this sort of specification for other library dependencies of a library. From what I saw so far in haxelib.json, it does support specifying what version of a lib is necessary, but not minimum or maximum.

I think maximum is quite important because some libraries break compatibility and not all developers have the necessary time to keep their libraries up to date with somebody else’s work. So then one developer could ask for a specific maximum version from another library.

In the link above, there is an idea about making haxelib able to use multiple package managers. I think that’s quite cool and would allow the delegation of certain needs to package managers that meet it. However, I still think that certain “basic” versioning restrictions should be implemented. I’m not sure about the complexity though. Even if it’s rather complex, there are plenty of open source package managers where one can find the required code.

maximum for specific lib dependencies can be cool too, but I meant for the minimum version of the haxe compiler itself…

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If anything, please use semver ranges

Every packaging system should have version-checking for both libraries and the compiler. I thought that haxelib already did this …