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Years ago, I created a game called SpeedWords. With the recent Wordle craze, I decided to fluff it as a daily challenge game. In brief:

Daily Speed-Scrabble-Bananagrams-like… with a Destructive Twist :smirk_cat:

100% backend + frontend written in Haxe. :haxe: :heart:


That’s fun! But how do I shred anything… And why would I want to? That seems pretty punishing because not only do you miss out on the potential points, you also get a penalty on top.

Very smooth and fun, even with a limited vocabulary, congratulations! Makes me curious of what tools you used, how the words are checked, etc…

@Simn, the shredder is the black bar under the score. I looked for it for too, while wondering what was that bar at the same time! On similar note, the last line of the introduction made me think that J K Qwere in-game shortcut to display the helper list, before discovering is was a link :sweat_smile:

Some words seem to be missing particularly to this community :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Simn Lol, yeah, it’s best not to shred usually… But on Day 14, there’s a Q right near the end. And if you’re rushing like I was, rather than re-arrange things, I opted to shred it:

LetterShredder Day 14
47⏱️ 50⭐ 63.3 PPM

@tokiop Hmm, no parser? No haxe?! I’ll have to fix that! :smiley: The wordlist are from the open-source 12dicts project.

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Over the weekend I implemented multiplayer. It uses WebSockets for real-time communication. The server is a third Haxe-based project, sharing source with the other two:


It’s pretty fun, grab a friend and give it a try!


but how do i read the website without shredding it :grimacing:

nice little game! incredible you were able to add multiplayer so easily! i’m jealous.

@rathewolf lol, thanks for checking it out. Well, I probably under-estimated the effort to add multiplayer, but I have been playing with sockets for years, and I kinda had the multiplayer plan for the game in the back of my mind.

There’re lots of examples online - socket.io is pretty eacy to get started with. But if you’re looking for simple, pure web sockets, they even recommend looking at uWebSockets.js. From there, I use haxe.html.WebSocket to connect, and host it on a cheap $5 VPS from Digital Ocean.