Who's responsible for the Haxe Code Cookbook and how could one contribute to it?

I would like to give something back to this awesome community we have here.

I’ve been asking quite a few questions around here lately, all of . I’m approaching Haxe from a rather long experience of software engineering using C++, ActionScript 3, C#, Java and, long time ago, VB and Delphi. I don’t think I was ever very good in any of those, but they gave me quite a bit of perspective and I’ve experienced different software development ecosystems. I then took a break of about 4 years, so now I’m a bit rusty. Lately I’ve been more into writing and product development.

All this being said, I’m curious if there’s a possibility to contribute to the Haxe Code Cookbook with some additional examples and/or tips&tricks for new Haxe adopters. Of course, I ask this so that I know who can review and with whom I can talk about all this.

I think the readme covers it pretty well?

Whoops :frowning: . Hadn’t checked on GitHub. I should have. It’s pretty “d’uh” now that you mention it. I’m way too operational these days.

I am feel responsible for the Haxe Code Cookbook. It is actually designed so everyone can contribute. Most of the content can be written directly on the website without actually need to clone the website and generate the pages yourself. So I really invite you (and everyone) to add/improve articles :smiley:

It is curated by some people but in general we accept a broad type of articles.

It should be quite simple if you are bit familiar with markdown formatting. I hope the readme gives inside how to setup a page.
Even editing should be straightforward (assuming you have a GitHub account), for example most pages have these buttons: image
These buttons will get you on the right page on GitHub.

For questions, ask on the repo