Which language before learning haxe

Hello. I have just spent a few months taking information about programming languages to use and I made my choice on the Haxe language for my future project.
I’m a “from scratch” beginner in programming, my little knowledge faded in the first part of my career.
I haven’t found a pure beginner tutorial in Haxe, which is consistent, this language is not for basic learners. But it is really this language I want for my project, so I have a question:
What language could I learn to give me the logic basics and then branch off to Haxe ?
Thanks in advance for your advice and have a nice day.

JavaScript has many similarities to Haxe, and it’s a very popular language that’s worth knowing. Many people start there, and there are tons of beginner tutorials.

Thank you for your answer. I thought at this language too, and usable as a target for Haxe.
So node.js installation…