What's the deal with Away3D?

There seems to be a working Haxe port of this engine, but they seem to have ditched the original website, and they haven’t committed anything on GitHub since January. I can’t find any trace of a community for this engine.

Is this still a suitable engine for 3D work? If not, what is?

If you want 3d, you can use:

  • Armory which is based on Kha and heavily integrated in Blender. There’s a bunch of samples you can check out.
  • Heaps, which apparently can run on top of lime, webgl, stage3d and SDL (when running on HashLink)
  • Unity, via the C# backend
  • Unreal, via unreal.hx

Apparently there are also plans to integrate with Godot and probably a lot of other stuff I forgot :wink:

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I have a soft spot for Away3D because I’m familiar with the API. I have not tested it with Haxe 4. It is mature and a good tool. Anyone who was motivated to kickstart the community again and make a few commits might attract the community you desire, because any community you find around a Haxe 3D library is going to be fairly small. That said, the libraries mentioned by Juraj definitely have more popularity these days.