What is the replacement of Haxe Remoting in hx4

(Adrian V) #1

Since Haxe remoting has been moved to hx3compat what is the new idiomatic way for rpc ?
Is the magic behind Proxy and AsyncProxy going to be removed or replaced by a macro ?

(Dmitry) #2

Probably –

(Adrian V) #3

But it is not working cross platform (C# and Java are not working) yet. This is a show-blocker for us to investigate it further, which is a bit sad because it has a slightly higher performance and a better type security.

And I haven’t looked if it easy usable for arbitrary transport. Currently we use Haxe Remoting not only for net (tcp, http) transport, but also for transport between different layers in an app = calling from a UI Layer in HTML/JavaScript to a system Layer in Java or neko or C# or maybe C++/HL in the future.

(Michal Romecki) #4

Hej all,

Where can we found an example of using hxBit instead of haxe Serializer and remoting ?
Something like basic example of passing objects from client to server and vice-versa, because this sample : is a bit hard to understand for starting.