What is the diffrance between mod_neko and mod_tora


I am wondering, but supprisingaly Google wasn’t able to bring up any explanation to “diffrance between mod_neko and mod_tora”

Usualyy I am using haxe/PHP for web, but now I have an issue with hx-yaml not supporting php target becuase of unicode issue, so I would like to try mod_neko/tora.

I see that mod_neko is more documented, but some benchmarks are claiming that mod_tora is faster, the book on haxe only mention mod_neko.

Can anyone suggest what the rela diffrance is in terms of performance, platforms and functionality.


I’ve used mod_tora for years it’s an Apache module like mod_neko (so you have to use Haxe’s neko target) but with a server where you can share variables and “cache” things, so for this kind of things it will perform faster.
If you haven’t already seen it, you can take a look at this blog where it explains this : neko.Web.cacheModule() – Jason O'Neil