What is the best game framework that dose not use open fl

Ive been looking for this for a while but i just want some thing kind of like haxeflixel but good in performance and some what easy to learn and use!

Why is OpenFL an issue? Haxeflixel is so far the most well-documented and “easy” to learn out of the majority of frameworks. If you tell us what trouble you had with OpenFL, we can possible help you out

ok while haxeflixel is well documented and some what easy to learn and use i think this is fine but openfl is very bad at performance and that’s my main problem with openfl.

perhaps make your own

there isnt any other game engine on haxe afaik

Could it be possible that your device is causing problems? Do the same performance issues appear when you compile smaller projects such as the rpg tutorial (natively)?

Either way, Heaps is another framework that, while it isn’t OpenFL dependant, it lacks a lot of documentation and is way more low-level. Ceramic, too, lacks a bit of documentation but seems to be a little more high-level than Heaps. So I’d recommend ceramic engine if you want something a bit familiar.

There are actually many. Heaps, Kha, Ceramic… Making your own is also a great journey and it helps a lot if you need your own tools and customisations. But if you don’t wish to, there’s actually plenty of options.

There is a similar discussion here. Be sure to check out the game links listed towards the end of the discussion!

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