What is Haxe Basically? A client side language or Server side?

Hi Haxe Community,
I don’t have haxe development experience. We had one GUI Product on Adobe Flash. As you know Flash is going to end in 2020. We decided to migrate our GUI in some other Technology.
I had 2 options basically. Either develop from Scratch (In AngularJS/HTML) or Migrate into Haxe. We had some budget constraints so we decided to drop the options 1st(Building from scratch). I got to know that we can develop the GUI in Haxe+HaxeUI+OpenFL. I converted all ActionScripts into .hx (Using AS3HX tool).
Now can anyone suggest what would be an efficient way for this?
Can we build a GUI application using Haxe language and OpenFL Framework?
I am getting confused with the statement like"Write code in Haxe and convert it into JS)
Can’t we develop using Haxe only?

Haxe is a programming language. When compiled, it outputs other languages (e.g. JS). So the Haxe compiler is also known as a transpiler.

Haxe as a language itself does not have a concept of “client-side” or “server-side”. Just like Java. You can write both client code and server code in Java. So does Haxe.

Hi Pavan,
The short answer is yes, you can build a GUI application using Haxe and OpenFL. Currently the best UI libraries seem to be HaxeUI, Stablex UI, and FeathersUI.
What were the original Flash components built using? OpenFL has some support for converting SWF assets into .bundle files which can then be used further. There’s also some older, probably broken UI libraries out there, e.g. https://github.com/longde123/aswing-openfl
If the original version hasn’t been ported to Haxe, you might end up building it from scratch even using Haxe.

Thanks, Kavin for quick response :slight_smile:

When I started doing POC that time I got to know that the conversion of Flash Action Script is possible in Haxe. So I thought if I am able to convert AS to haxe then it’s 60% of my code.
The automated conversion tool from Actionscript to Haxe(AS3HX) is very useful but inevitably imperfect, so to get the details right I had to manually review and tweak every file. still, lots of files need to be reviewed. I don’t think it’s an efficient way of conversion.
Thanks, Allan for your response. I am going ahead with Haxe and Openfl.

That’s great—OpenFL is very rewarding once you have your head into it. You may also find this other conversion tool to be useful: GitHub - EricBishton/Flaxe: Flash/AS2/AS3 to Haxe conversion scripts.
Have fun!