What is HashLink Immix?

I read in the release notes of the version 4.1.0 a mention of HashLink Immix and wasn’t able to find out what is the difference with HashLink, except that it looks faster.

current benchs


it seem the new hl gc bring very fast performance.

I mentioned this at the end of my HaxeUp 2019 talk – I am developing a new GC for HashLink as part of my Master’s thesis.

It looks promising in the benchmarks, although it is still a work in progress! It needs to be debugged a lot and refactored in a way that the new GC can be simply enabled with a compilation flag (rather than having to checkout a completely separate fork of HL).

The principal GC method behind it is Immix (2008), just like for hxcpp. However, hxcpp has grown a lot since “just Immix”.

Stay tuned. :slight_smile: