What happend with Simon?

Is he OK and still part of Haxe foundation ? I regularly check what is new on Haxe github page and I saw Simon not commit anything after 29 Oct 2017 ( almost three months ago)

Simon is in hiatus since last November.
He apparently has a lot of video games to catch up with :slight_smile:

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Thanks for update ! Every Haxer should follow his example , if have a free time. Dilly-Dilly!

Simple: Use Haxe to create a killer product that runs a profitable business, keep operational costs low, save enough for a year (where you live/want to spend time on) and then go on a sabbatical year (or months).

I’m serious and this is underrated. Everyone should do this from time to time, life is short.

I do hope Simon comes back someday though!

HF is recruiting, perhaps Simn has quit ? The Haxe Foundation is Recruiting! - Haxe - The Cross-platform Toolkit

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Simon has been away for a few months already, he’s still welcome if/when he decides to come back. In the meanwhile, we are recruiting to complete the team.


@ncannasse Did he just disappear or there were any specific reasons for that? I can understand if he wants to keep it private, but thought I’d ask, since he was (is) such an important piece of the community/core team.

Thanks Simon for your work, dedication and humor all these years ! You helped the community a lot, hope you are doing well, and that we’ll see you back soon ! :slight_smile: