What exactly does haxelib dev do?

What exactly does the haxelib dev command do?

I’m looking at its docs Using Haxelib - Haxelib Documentation but still not understanding.

Under what circumstances would I want to use haxelib dev?


It’s like installing a library from your hard drive instead of the internet. It’s often used for working with a library’s newest code that hasn’t been released yet. For instance, if a library author fixes a bug, you can use the latest code before they publish it. Or you could check out a library from GitHub and then make some tweaks (like add a new feature or whatever) and test your changes locally.

With haxelib dev you can add a library that sits outside of haxelib’s folder structure. Typically used for developing your own libraries.

When writing a library, you most likely also have at least one test or demo project that uses your library. Which you usually want to test against your most current dev version, and haxelib dev helps you do that. You might not even need a haxelib.json file for your (unreleased) library, if you point it to your src folder (or whereever you keep your sources).

Or you could check out a library from GitHub […]

It’s worth noting that haxelib git also allows you to do that, with less steps - it’s basically equivalent to doing a git clone + haxelib dev. The latter does give you more flexibility though, as it allows you to choose where to clone the library.

Sorry for the delayed reply.

Ah! Ok, so, haxelib dev allows me to make it appear as if a library/project directory on my system is “installed” just as if it were a regular haxelib-installed library.

Useful for when you’re developing a library which is not yet available on haxelib, but which you’d like to have available to programs on your system just as if the library were installed from haxelib.

Thank you!

Just wanted to say thanks for pointing out haxelib git! It made my installation instructions for Feathers UI so much simpler. It also automatically installs dependencies, unlike haxelib dev, so it’s much closer to haxelib install.

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I tend to find haxelib git more useful, since it installs the .git file you can make local changes in the haxelib and commit them, so totally agree with Joshtynjala.

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