What does "Configuration entry should be a function" mean please?

Hej all,

I get an error that I can’t understand, can maybe anyone help me please ?

It underlines public var documentDialog : DialogFields<CustomerDocumentLink>; and says : “Configuration entry should be a function”.

I guess the error comes from macros of a library. Which library DialogFields does belong to?

Thx Aleksander. It’s a custom macro. But I don’t know where to look, it’s related to what ?

It’s related to that macro :slight_smile:
Search for “Configuration entry should be a function” string in that macro and read the code to figure out.

Ah ok, but no, in this macro there is nothing like this sentence. So I guess it comes from another lib that I use. I’ll take a look thk !

Ok, haxe.web.Dispatch looks for functions that start with “do”, and here my field is "do"cumentDialog… :smiley:

Please, submit an issue with a complete sample to hx3compat repo.