What do you use Haxe for and why?

(Benjamin Dasnois) #1


As I’m thinking about evangelisation, I’d like to know what you use Haxe for and why you chose Haxe to do that.

Would you please mind sharing while keeping things short so I can easily compute all of that and try to start some Haxe evangelisation?

Also : would you be willing to appear in a video to briefly explain that?


(Dan Korostelev) #2

Unsurprisingly, at my job I use it for shared client/server code in games. Apart for cross-target features, one of the good reasons to use Haxe is its nice type system and macro features that ease a lot of tasks of maintaining code and accompanying data (e.g. game data). I think Haxe is the only compiler that can produce controllable, clean and efficient JS code and nice C# code at the same time (we need those targets because we use node.js and Unity).

(Benjamin Dasnois) #3


Would you be willing to share a bit more about your process/pipeline with me by chat?

(Allan Dowdeswell) #4

I use Haxe primarily with JS target for various projects, either using OpenFL or integrating with other JS libraries such as OpenLayers, EaselJS, JQuery, or GSAP. My own website uses Ufront.

In the past I was heavy into Flash/AS3 and I wanted to keep using that skill set, plus I’m a big fan of modularity and well-organised code. So Haxe was a natural fit for me.

Yes I’d be willing to appear in a video.