Websocket ssl server in neko

Currently trying to setup a secure web socket server adding upon this library My issue is I can’t find any documentation for sys.ssl.Socket besides haxe’s api I don’t know how the handshaking differs from a standard socket to web socket, and finally I’m confused about port bindings and if the server has to be 443. Information about my current setup, non secure web sockets are working fine, I am getting a connected message on server but the handshake isn’t working, and I’m using let’s encrypt’s certificates and private key to try and set this up, Thanks for any information cheers :slight_smile:

Haven’t got any example at hand, but I modified haxe-ws and got it working with a self signed cert:

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Also I’m using port 8080, and mind that I needed to specify this port in the certificate using “subject alternative names”

I have no idea how to set the subject alternative,I just spent the last two days trying to reverse proxy a secure websocket to non secure to the application server with no luck. Maybe I’ll try configuring at the server level once again and try my luck…