Web frontend options?

What good web frontend frameworks/libraries do we have available? and the rest of tink/coconut collection \o/


@nadako Do you know where to find Coconut tutorials and “real-world” application samples?
The documentation is nearly inexistent, the “TodoMVC” sample is largely insufficient (no routing, no form validation, no call to remote services…). The learning curve is really very high without this material :sob: Apart from rendering very basic and useless components, I have trouble with nearly every aspect of this library.

@cedx tink_web might be closer to what you are looking for, at least as a backend to call from coconut.

I agree more doc/example would be helpful, but given the project youth and community size, it is not doing that bad IMHO. Lots of infos, tricks, questions are in the gitter and discord channels but are not easy to discover.

Coconut and Tink stand as impressive unique-to-Haxe libraries. There are also externs for plenty of popular front-end frameworks out there:

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@tokiop My problem is that I really don’t have a lot of free time: I usually learn new technologies by reading their documentation on my phone while I’m on the WC in the morning :grin:, and test things in the late evening when the kids are in bed. So written material is essential to my learning process: chat rooms (or YouTube videos) consume too much time and are not an efficient way to find information (at least for me).

I’m already using tink_web for the backend but it suffers from the same problem as Coconut: the lack of documentation. For example: how do you make a redirect response? Well, the answer is in the tests:

Fortunately, tink_web is easy. It’s another story for Coconut, especially for a person like me (i.e. no CS degree, no experience with ReactJS, working for a company where I’m the sole developer so I can’t share anything with my coworkers).

I recognize however that @back2dos, @kevinresol, and all other contributors have done a great job. The result is really impressive!

@AlexKotik You should really look first at Coconut (and tink_web). Despite my difficulties, I think that it’s the best libraries for web development with Haxe.

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