Vshaxe and lix

Vscode doesn’t seem to be working right for me, it was first complaining

#include hlc.h no such file or directory

and then

Unable to retrieve active Haxe configuration: No Haxe configuration available

so I uninstalled everything and started fresh building everything manually.

I have haxe / hashlink working right at this point and have successfully built a helloworld.hx into both .hl and .c with both working right, including no issues finding hashlink libs or it’s includes while compiling my little helloworld binary.

But now that I’ve moved on to the vscode side of things I’ve ran into the issue that npm took the liberty to intsall lix automatically, and then proceeded to install haxe, when building vshaxe.

This is a little to close to a full circle for me, so I npm uninstall’ed directly and everything still seems to be fine with my original working installation.

My questions if anyone has the time:

  1. how will this npm install’ed haxe effect the haxe that I installed from ppa:haxe/releases?
  2. At what point will running two haxe versions effect libraries/packages installed with haxelib. Should I define a different path for the two using haxelib setup?
  3. Am I somehow missing something? This sort of thing was common very way back before package management was a thing, but now it seems more like there’s too many package management tools being involved (I count vscode market, apt, npm, lix, and haxelib :scream: ).

Any advice, hints, or nudges would be appreciated. Thanks

I’m on Ubuntu and have no real preference of IDEs, and if easier I can move to Windows or Mac for debugging.

If you check out vshaxe with git and build it manually, it should install lix, Haxe, and everything else it needs into the project’s local node_modules directory. It should not conflict with your global Haxe installation used by other projects.

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Thank you for the quick reply @joshtynjala. I’ll give that a shot. The worst I was considering was the potential of dependency rabbit holes down the road if I’m in fact using two builds of haxe. For example to have something going great while working through vscode (presumably using the build installed via npm) but then have missing packages or version issues when using the haxe install from apt.

I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out since it wont break anything :+1: