Vshaxe 2.13.0 and lix extension released

We’ve just released version 2.13.0 of the of the Haxe extension for Visual Studio Code. This release primarily adds some new extension APIs that enable the newly created lix extension:

If you’re unfamiliar, lix is a package manager for Haxe. Unlike Haxelib, it makes it possible to easily switch between different Haxe versions and to lock down the dependencies of a project to exact versions so that the setup is easily reproducible.

While lix has previously already worked fine with VSCode, the new extension allows for a much tighter integration. It adds auto-detection of the Haxe executable (which previously had to be configured in settings.json, Haxe Dependencies support, as well as various commands for the command palette, for instance to install libraries or switch between Haxe versions. For the full list of features, check out the readme.


You are amazing guys! <3

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