Vshaxe 1.10.0 released

We just released version 1.10.0 of the Haxe extension for VSCode (aka vshaxe). Since it’s the first release in a while, we were able to make use of some VSCode API improvements - for instance, there’s icon support in the dependency explorer now, and markdown support in all types of completion popups:

Here’s the full changelog:

1.10.0 (April 4, 2018)

New Features:

  • added support for file icon themes in the dependency explorer (#146)
  • added a context menu to items in the dependency explorer
  • added support for "haxe.displayPort": "auto" - enabled by default (#191)
  • added a "haxe.enableCompilationServer" setting - enabled by default (#184)
  • added support for markdown-formatted documentation in signature help
  • added displayPort and enableCompilationServer to the extension API
  • added highlighting for Haxe 4’s new function type syntax (HXP-0003)
  • added code folding support for different region marker styles (#202)


  • fixed the dependency explorer’s std version missing with Haxe 4
  • fixed the dependency explorer’s std version not updating on "haxe.executable" changes
  • fixed the dependency explorer’s “Collapse All” button (#212)
  • fixed dependency explorer duplicating folders of some haxelib dev libs (#156)
  • fixed highlighting of nested function types in parameters (haxe-tmLanguage#29)
  • fixed arrow functions being highlighted in strings (haxe-tmLanguage#33)
  • fixed highlighting of capture variables with var (haxe-tmLanguage#34)
  • fixed overloaded methods showing multiple times in completion
  • fixed "haxe.enableCodeLens" changes not triggering an update (#95)
  • fixed exit code of clients connecting to "haxe.displayPort" always being 0 (haxe#6431)

Changes and improvements:

  • changed the required VSCode version to 1.20.0
  • the problems view is now opened after global diagnostics runs (#38)
  • document symbols now use separate icons for enum members / operators / structs
  • document symbols now show type parameters
  • the dependency explorer now shows “dev” for haxelib dev libraries instead of the full path

Additionally, there’s a new version of the Lime extension, which adds support for Lime / OpenFL projects and makes use of vshaxe’s extension API:

1.1.0 (04/04/2018)

  • Added lime.defaultTarget for use when opening a new workspace (#27)
  • Added lime.defaultBuildConfiguration as well for new workspaces (#27)
  • Added support for sharing the compilation server with the Haxe extension (#28)