VSCodium editor alternative

Just as a heads up, https://vscodium.com/

Seems like a smarter (wiser) way of using VSCode as an IDE. The Codium package has none of the spyware (errmm, sorry, telemetry) turned on. Be sure to read through the Why does this exist blurb.

This is just personal opinion, with an eye to seeing Haxe flourish into the future. Spreading some FUD, for effect. :slight_smile: It would be sad to see a Haxe developer pour their soul into the next big thing only to find out Microsoft already has a well funded team working on a similar idea because all the edits to sources were being monitored behind the scenes.

Telemetry, in an editor IDE? What, they can’t just ask for opinions instead?

It would feel like logging into LinkedIn with the F12 js console open. Watch how much of the network data is for tracking and how little is for content. (Including the ever so friendly use of eval inside the javascript that is blocked by the CSP settings from the very same pages).

Be wary of gifts you are not allowed to look inside of. At least with Codium, you can look inside.

Excuse the drifting and old guy standing on the corner with the “we’re all doomed” sign. Gee, or is it more like “come with me if you want to live”. No, not really, we’ll all live. :wink:

Have good, make well,


Probably up to you to fork the project get it running add documentation and create pull requests etc… did you see if Robert on Kha irc is interested in using it for Kode?

Kode Studio deactivated telemetry since day one.