Visual UI Debugger similar to MonsterDebugger?

My team has recently finished porting our game from AS3/Flash to Haxe/OpenFL and released the initial beta of our HTML5 build. One of our most useful tools for developing a Flash game was MonsterDebugger, a UI debugging tool that allows you to traverse the DisplayList, and view a visual representation of each DisplayObject, modify its member variables on the fly, etc. Using it was simple - just include their swc in the project, add a few hooks, and you were good to go. The project is no longer maintained, but they have it up on GitHub so anyone can modify it as they please. I’ve been tempted to look at the code and see how difficult it would be to recreate or directly port it (MonsterDebugger itself was created in AS3, and runs as an air app), but before diving down that rabbithole, I was wondering if anybody knows of a similar tool already in existence for HTML5 apps.

you can use chrome debugger to debug on browser, integrates good with vscode.
For profiling also chrome debug tools can be used.
There is profiling tool similar to adobe one, but haven’t used it so not sure it works for html5

Other then that I haven’t heard anything else. usually in Haxe you can use targets specific tools.