Universal programming language

I see that Debian refers to Haxe as a “universal programming language”. I think this is a great description of Haxe. That is:

  • For some greenfield project, you choose whatever platform is best suited for your project, and then can go ahead and use Haxe rather than the chosen platform’s own default language.

  • For an existing legacy project, it can be advantageous to seamlessly add new modules using Haxe.

  • For webapps, you can use the same language on the front-end and the back-end.

  • When you write your own libraries, you can do so in Haxe, and then use them in your other projects regardless of target platform.

Add to that the modern, practical, sensible feature set and syntax. And being free software, cross-platform, and community-focused. Plus having its own VM. Sounds like a solid universal programming language — at least, a high-level (“application-level”) one.

I wonder if others see Haxe in this way.


I like the sound of “universal programming language”.

How about a app / library (written in Haxe) that allows

use of limited Natural Language AS IF YOU ARE PROGRAMMING ! ! !

We edit Verbs and Nouns in a Dictionary of words also having math Operators and Punctuation.

Proof of Concept for European languages was shown May 2019 Haxe US Summit

forGL Interpreter can handle simple statements that can be combined in MANY different ways now.
I would say level of ability is at: Programmable Scientific Calculator (no graphics)

When you wish to run outside of forGL then your NL style statements are Exported as more conventional Haxe style source code.

For best information about forGL please see:

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I like the “multiparadigm language” on Wikipedia description better :slight_smile:

Universal is broader and thus more vague IMO.While multiparadigm can be an easier target to keep development not only focus on OOP and gaming but also on the FP side, which is a sane balance.