Unable to scroll on touchpad/trackpad (OpenFL/Feathers)

A mouse device scrolls through a Feathers TextArea successfully with its middle button, but I’m unable to do the same using the laptop’s touchpad scrolling gesture. The gesture I’m referring to looks like a 2-fingers slide in the trackpad. (Of course dragging the bar works.)

I tried both the horizontally-scrollable ScrollContainer example and the TextArea example. Follows is the mouse scrolling OK:


If the two-finger scroll gesture triggers a native mouse wheel event, it should work. All Feathers UI scrolling containers listen for MouseEvent.MOUSE_WHEEL. However, it is worth mentioning that OpenFL (and Flash before it) don’t support horizontal mouse wheel events. Only vertical.

I’m not sure, maybe the issue I’m having is with the HTML5 target then (vertical scroll too is not working in trackpad)? I’ve not tested it anywhere other than in the Feathers website though.

Vertical scrolling is working anywhere else in the web.

Oh, you’re right; it’s working, but a bit complicated to explain. In someway it’s currently different from the mouse…

It’s not working that well… It might be because the project is embedded into the Feathers UI site and it’s scrolling the site instead of the example itself. Also, if my 2-fingers are sliding in a certain angle, it mightn’t be taken as vertical scroll, which sums up why it’s not scrolling very well.

I recently committed a couple of changes on Github that should improve certain mouse wheel issues. They’ll be included in the next Feathers UI update, sometime early next year.

  • In some cases, the mouse wheel scroll distance was rounding down to 0. Now, a minimum value is enforced.
  • The HTML page will be prevented from scrolling if the mouse wheel causes a Feathers UI container to scroll. However, if a container is at its minimum or maximum, and it cannot scroll any further, the page is allowed to scroll.
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Josh, I see that you’ve finally released a new version. That’s cool! However it looks like TextArea isn’t working properly when you input text into it.

Here’s the program:

import feathers.controls.Application;
import feathers.controls.TextArea;

class HelloWorld extends Application {
	public function new() {

		var textArea = new TextArea();
		textArea.width = 300;
		textArea.height = 300;
		textArea.text = "Hello World";

I’m running it with the command:

openfl test html5 -debug

Here’s the output from haxelib list:

actuate: [1.9.0]
box2d: [1.2.3]
feathersui: 1.0.0 [1.1.0]
hxargs: [3.0.2]
hxcpp: [4.2.1]
layout: [1.2.1]
lime-samples: [7.0.0]
lime: [8.0.0]
openfl-samples: [8.7.0]
openfl: [9.2.0] 9.2.1
svg: [1.1.3]

To clarify it bugs after a paste.

Can you be more specific? I just gave it a try, and I didn’t notice any obvious issues.

I’ve posted to GitHub: TextArea gets glitchy after a paste · Issue #137 · feathersui/feathersui-openfl · GitHub

When you try to paste text, it doesn’t always paste and also kind of glitches. It may paste, but then the next input doesn’t happen at all.

Moving discussion to Github.