UK Meet Spring 2023?

We’ve had some light discussion in the haxe discord about a UK meet and there is interest from a few folks. Bringing it to the forum as not everyone is using discord.

It would be good to aim for something in the Spring. The meet will be fairly informal, probably starting in the afternoon into the night. I’m imagining we start with anyone that wants to showcase their stuff, with general socializing afterwards.

I’m based in Yorkshire but from what I can tell there are more people using haxe in the south of England, at least on discord. It would be good to find somewhere with equal (in)convenience for attendees so please leave a message if you fancy getting involved and your travel preferences and we can take it from there.


Half, I am 15 min from Bath, have a 2 bed house and garden where I could host a few tents between trees end of spring, I am not wealthy and internet not fast but beautiful area and could be really good, and we could probably sit round a fire after coding and look at stars.

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Expect there are a few air bnb if too many. Can explore larger meet venue if needed for conference but couldn’t fund but suspect that is a next year problem.

I’m in Norfolk so anywhere else in East Anglia, London, and parts of the East Midlands (i.e. Nottingham) are straight forward for me to get to (have direct train connections).

Thank you for the offer @nanjizal I do like the idea of tents, especially camp fire!

Unfortunately Bath looks a little more complicated to get to than somewhere more central, but it’s good to have as an option.