UDP multicast library

FYI, I’ve published a first draft of my UDP multicast library for hxcpp:

UDP multiacst essentially enables apps / games that discover each other on a local area network (LAN) without needing any host / ip information.

With code based on hxudp by @andyli, Hugh, and Matt Tuttle. :+1:


  • @andyli - what’s the concept of TTL in hxudp? I only really shimmed “bind multicast” into cpp metadata – do you know other considerations I should pay attention to?
  • Might be interesting to propose the UdpSocket API get a bindMulticast() function out of the box, with support in hxcpp and hashlink. @ncannasse?
  • TODO: I couldn’t get an async test working in buddy. Async examples simply always timeout. :confused: Any help?
  • TODO: submit a UdpSocket test to hxcpp.
  • Verified on Linux, Win, OSX. Can anyone test iOS and Android? (I think Android will take some specific permissions, maybe some special-case MulticastLock code?)

Your thoughts and feedback is appreciated!