Type not found : js.html.DOMWindow

Hey so I am trying to learn how to do things still and I am following the tutorial for the haxepunk shooter and I think I have everything set up but I get an error saying “C:/Users/Domin/Documents/Test12/openfl-bitfive/openfl-bitfive/3,3,3/openfl/display/Stage.hx:13: characters 7-24 : Type not found : js.html.DOMWindow
Build halted with errors.” and I am not sure how to fix it.

Openfl-bitfive hasn’t really been maintained for several years now, so you must be using really old OpenFL / HaxePunk versions?

Can you link to that tutorial you mentioned?

Ahh that makes sense now the tutorial was made in 2014 lol. Their is another tutorial at A Simple Shooter but i’m not sure how old it is.

I don’t see a mention of openfl-bitfive there anywhere? What library versions do you have exactly? (haxelib list)

HaxePunk: [4.0.1]
lime: [6.2.0]
openfl-bitfive: [3.3.3]
openfl: [7.1.2]

is this what your asking for?
Oh and the tutorial I was using is http://www.haxecoder.com/post.php?id=43 (which is the one that had the issue) and the one I am currently trying to follow is A Simple Shooter which also doesn’t work just shows a blank screen whenever I try to run the game.

Ah, so that’s where bitfive comes from. Since it hasn’t been updated in so long, I don’t think it’ll work with up-to-date Lime / OpenFL / HaxePunk versions (those you have are the latest ones), so just try removing this line from your project.xml:

<haxelib name="openfl-bitfive" if="html5" />

Well I no longer get that issue but now it’s giving me this when ever I use neko
Type not found : ApplicationMain

Type not found : haxepunk.utils.Input
Build halted with errors.

Also when I switch to html5 I get this instead

Type not found : haxepunk.utils.Input
Build halted with errors.

P.S: Sorry if I am asking for to much help I am still new to this and I can’t really find any other guides besides the tutorials…

In Haxepunk 4 this is now haxepunk.input.Input, the official tutorials use the correct import.