Hej !

I have a huge projet, I’ve done many changes and now I get “TUnification.Unify_error(_)” without any more infos. No dump even with -D dump.

Can anyone hint me please where from it can come, where can I look please ?


What Haxe version are you using?

Haxe Compiler 4.2.0-rc.1+dc1fbac

Hm… It should print additional info on any crash.
Are you using compilation server?

No compilation server. Only TUnification.Unify_error(_)" in the output nothing else…

Set OCAMLRUNPARAM=b environment variable and try again.
If that doesn’t help then remove it and set HAXEDEBUG=1

Ok I got it.
I’ve not done what you wrote because I was digging in my code.
The error occurs when I have something like that :

enum EMyEnum<T:Something>{

class MyClass<T:Something>{
    static function myFunction<T>( myEnum : EMyEnum<T> ){}

It compiles fine if I change it into :

   static function myFunction<T:Something>( myEnum : EMyEnum<T> ){}

I get a nice error for that:

src/Main.hx:24: characters 53-54 : Constraint check failure for EMyEnum.T
src/Main.hx:24: characters 53-54 : ... myFunction.T should be Main

Hmmmmm so maybe it’s because in my case “Something” is a sys.db.Object from records-macro ?

Any chance you can assemble a reproducible sample?

Of course.
I’ll just finish my work because I accumulate lateness because of this weird error and then I’ll try to do a minimal sample to reproduce that.

Thanks in advance