Tink web client side?

stupid question.
can i use tink_web on client side if i use a router javascript? i want use tink_web as ufront in client and server side. and maybe coconut ui can run server side with the virtual dom implementation without javascript?

tink_web is about RESTful API. On client side you can use it to issue RESTful requests to a server.

yes but i want try to use it also on client side as router client side. in ufront i can use the same router in client and server side i remember

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So you want to run a RESTful container (which takes incoming HTTP requests and output outgoing HTTP responses) on client side?

no i want use teh same routes on client and server side but simulating the get request on the client side and rendering the same template in client and server side. like in this example GitHub - ufront/hello: "Hello World" example for websites / web-apps built using Ufront - a Web Framework for Haxe.. i want create an ufront-client (GitHub - ufront/ufront-client: Ufront is a powerful MVC web framework for Haxe - and ufront-client gives you all the ufront goodness client-side, running in the browser. This is a mothership repo, that does not contain any source, but rather, a list of dependencies to make managing your ufront-client projects easier.) like for tink_web

The route() method of tink.web.routing.Router always give you a Promise<tink.http.OutgoingResponse>, I am not sure how useful that could be for client side “rendering”. Perhaps you want to look at MVCoconut.

ok i try to see thanks :slight_smile: